5W + 1H: What am I actually doing in Ternate?

Jumat, Februari 24, 2017

Well, finally I push myself to write in English. First of all, I have tried several times but it ends in "draft" or even worse, I deleted it. I think that write in English is a hard try, since I am a perfectionist person who do not tolerate any kind of mistake. Finally, here I am, I did it!

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When it comes to writing activity, I am quite passionate about it. I start my first journal on blog almost six years ago. When I was in senior high school. I remember how I write alay version of my life. Fortunately, the platform that I used is unavailable now (halleluya!). Well, forget it. My first blog is a random dairy which can makes you throw your stomach up. LOL.

Friends of mine always ask me, what are you doing in Ternate?

I simply answered: I am working here. 

The thing is, my friends are not quite satisfied when I answered such question. Therefore I write down those frequently asked questions. Here we go!

What company/ institution/ organisation do you work in? 
I work in a non-profit organisation based in Malang, yes, it is PROFAUNA Indonesia! PROFAUNA stands for Protection of Forest and Fauna, I supposed you have noticed what my organisation work about. Well, this is a project-based job, therefore I am not permanently work in here :)

What position?
I work as campaign officer, but I think that I just a cub so I would rather call my position as campaign officer assistant.

What is your responsibility during this project?
To date, there are two main responsibilities I do here. First is to do education to society as well as to students on elementary school to senior high school. Second one is to do some administration things e.g. reporting and managing correspondences.

Where do you live now?
Ternate, of course. *smirk*

When you move to Ternate? 
I moved to Ternate on 19th November 2016. I arrived early than scheduled because we must submit the progress to funding agencies.

I mean, where exactly do you stay?
Honestly, I stay at house once can turn into office. When the sun rises, my homey house turning into office. And when the sun goes down, it changes itself into house again. Fantastic, isn't it? LOL.

 Why do you choose this kind of job? And live miles away from your family?
In my opinio, as a young we should learn to live independently and hunt for experiences as much as possible. I think it is my time zone. Besides, this job offers me an insight to NGO life. According to my own master plan of life and career, I wanna get a job in NGO and such. So this is a great beginning to dive deep into NGO-like world.

Who give you this vacancy?
At the end of October, I got a whatsapp message from Mr Rosek, founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia. In his message, he offered me to fill the vacancy as campaign officer. He asked to reply as soon as possible to me. There is no need to think twice, then I replied him that I accept his offer.

What are you doing in your spare time?
Sometimes I read,  playing harmonica, cooking. The perk of being Ternate people is you can strolling near to sea. I prefer to say sea not beach, because the city is surrounded by sea, not a beach. Boo! I mean, the border between land and sea is embankment. Another area, here we call belakang gunung is a rural area where you can breath freshly because it has mountainous contour.

How it feels to live in Ternate?
I feel enjoyed. The city is not to large and a bit quiet. In here we can see others island nearby such as Tidore and Maitara (like in Rp1.000 money!). Hot weather is dominant here with rarely rain occurs. Here I surrounded by seas and old buildings like churches, forts, and ports. We do know that Ternate and Tidore and its neighbourhood are knows as spice islands.

At last, these are the freaquently asked questions of mine. I hope my asnwers could satisfy you guys!
I realised that photos I share here is only a piece since I am a lonesome queen here. I need friends to exploring this magnificent island. Wanna travel along with me? :)

As a bonus, here I show you what Ternate really like!

Hiri Island, photographed in Small Tolire Lake (Danau Tolire Kecil)

View from Fort Oranje

Me and my shoes at Sulamadaha Beach (look at that zaphire colour!)

See you pals on another post!

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