My Paranormal Experience

Senin, Februari 01, 2016

Someone ask me do I have paranormal experience, and he wanted me to explain it. I am quiet exited to tell my experience. Actually, my mom told me what happened to me at the age 3 years old.

 When I was toddler, I have had possessed by my brother's spirit. It made me on a rampage, even my dad and neighbours could not handle me. 

A local shaman told my parents that my brother wanted go to school. There were several goods who my parents should fulfill --in order to heal me-- or I would be a shaman forever. The goods were books, uniforms, a bag and a pair of shoes.

Eventually, my parents served the need of my brother. And I stopped for being in rampage.

Since then, I was always being sensitive toward "them". If I went to a new palce, "they" always appeared around me.

 It was said when you catch "something" with your end of your eyes --either right ot left eye-- they're real.

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