My Very Late #2015bestnine

Rabu, Januari 27, 2016

We’re going to leave the first month of 2016. For me, this beginning was a erratic phase of time. Why? Because I’m no longer extended-year student. No more final thesis, no more student board activity, and no more dramas. LOL.

Last year was a tiring year –at least for me. My final thesis project was messing me bringing dramas and leads me to unpredictable plot twists. And my love story is another distraction. This is just how we learn things from the past. And we should realise that there are always lessons from the certain circumtances.

Because of that, there are many memories in 2015. All that laughs, griefs, disappointments, joys, angers, and fears. And also all people who come and go in our life.

my #2015bestnine. So so late!

a & f: One day trip to Bromo Mountain. These photos is captured at Teletubbies Hill, right behind Bromo Mountain
b: my graduation day, officially SP (Sarjana Pertanian)
c & g: Another one day trip to Ngliyep Beach, southern part of Malang.
d: Shoes selfie at labyrinth of Coban Rondo Waterfall.
e: My daily activity at UPT Pengembangan Benih Palawija for my internship course during 7th semester
h: Foggy morning near my home
i: A mosque in Batu. I can’t explain which part of Batu, but it located near an orphanage. I love its cornice resembling gothic architecture.

It’s 2016 and I had no patience to sail this year! Yay!

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